Thank YOU! – to ALL of our customers who have continued to support us over the last 6 years by choosing our Factory Correct decals for their restoration projects!

BMX Rider however, has been restoring vintage BMX bicycles since 2011 and this year, we are Celebrating our 200th BMX Restoration & NEW company name change from BMX Rider to Vintage Steel – BMX Restorations & Decals!

We’ve also been patiently waiting for a year, keeping our new Vintage Steel name and logo/branding on the hush, so we’re super excited to finally spill the beans!

Over the last 10 years, BMX-Rider has Restored, Saved, Acquired or Custom Built 200 vintage BMX bicycles such as Kuwahara, Diamond Back, Mongoose, Haro, Schwinn, Raleigh, Eaton, Leader, Randor, Santosa, Wildcat, Cycle Pro, Giant, Skyline, Sears, Norco, GT, Race Inc, Redline, Ishibashi, and even some very rare Bicycles most have never heard of, like an Akisu made Willy Wonka.

We’ve also fulfilled over 4500 decal orders to 40 countries around the world supplying collectors and enthusiasts with the best quality Factory Correct and Custom decals available for their restoration projects as well as great customer service we know our customers appreciate!

To celebrate the new Branding, we will be doing some very rad give-aways over the next couple months so stay posted!

We will continue to provide great service and products to our existing and future customers and we thank you once again!