About Vintage Steel

Vintage Steel is a vintage BMX bicycle restoration company.ย  We specialize in repairing, restoring and building old school BMX bikes from the 1970’s and 1980’s as well as producing high quality and Historically Accurate Restoration Decals.

Formerly known as BMX-Rider, we originally started restoring vintage BMX’s back in 2011, and then started to reproduce decals in 2015 due to the lack of quality decals on the market. And in order to source decals for our own restoration projects, we had to go through intensive research and create the design work and print them ourselves.

Now we carry Factory Correct decals of various iconic Vintage Old School BMX brands printed at the Highest Quality that you will ever find for sale on the market. And they are re-produced very closely to the way they did back in the โ€™80s!

We are also an Officially Licensed Resellerย ofย Kuwahara BMX Restoration Decals for all vintage old school Kuwahara models from 1979-1988.ย  In fact, our Decals are the ONLY Factory Correct Kuwahara decals in the World meaning the Quality (the way they are printed) and Accuracy (the details like trace and colors) are un-matched!ย  To explain further, the main reason our decals are of such high quality is because they are printed on a big press (the size of a school bus) unlike most decal reproducers who print on small, short run low end thermal printers which are just not capable of high resolution printing and a process which includes protective lamination.

Thousands of BMX Collectors and Enthusiasts around the world Trust Vintage Steel provide them with the proper Kuwahara Decal sets for their restoration project.ย  Not to mention, we are authorized by Kuwahara to provide that quality and accuracy!

If you are looking for a correct decal set that came Factory on your BMX, or you are trying to re-live your youth and want to acquire or have us custom build a Vintage BMX for you, contact us and we might be able to help you out! ย Email us at sales@vintagesteelbmx.com!

Facts About Our Quality Decals:

Our Factory Correct Decals are printed in 2 ways.ย  Short Run & Long Run.

All of our Short Run or Custom order decals are printed on color thermal printers.ย  This process allows us to print 1 or a more decals on a sheet to fulfill custom orders or produce lower demand decals.ย  The quality and color accuracy is very good but a step down from our long run process.ย  The costs per sheet are expensive but a cheaper investment than having to commit to printing hundreds of sheets at a time.ย  These machines are small and can easily fit on a desk.ย  These are the most common printers used by almost ALL reproduction decal sellers on the market.

All of our Long Run decals, including most of our Kuwahara decals, are printed at the highest quality possible and in a method that is un-surpassable by competitors!ย  The costs and commitment are much higher than short runs as you must print hundreds to thousands of sheets at a time to keep the costs per unit down.ย  To explain further, the main reason this process is of such high quality is because they are printed on a industrial printing press the size of a school bus. These presses print at very high resolution and accuracy, and include a process that lays a protective laminate layer over the decals. This is what they also did back in the 80’s to protect the decals.

Now you know our process and why we stand by our quality and service!ย  Thank you for your support!