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Kuwahara Exhibitionist Decal Set (1985) – White


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You will get 1 (one) NEW Kuwahara EXHIBITIONIST decal set in White. Correct for 1985 Kuwahara EXHIBITIONIST freestyle models.

BONUS – Includes 4 “K” peg decals, and 1 “K” bottom bracket decal – Just like Factory Originals.

Click here for 1984 Black Exhibitionist or 1984 White Exhibitionist Decals.

  • Factory Correct – Very Accurate & precise details.  Almost identical to the original factory specs. (other decal sets have been poorly traced and passed off as quality reproductions with inaccuracy.)
  • Factory Correct – includes ® (registered) mark in exact same size & place, that came on all ’83/’84 models. (other decal sets are either missing the ® mark completely, or have placed it incorrectly and in the wrong size and font.)
  • Factory Correct – Red & Yellow colors are almost exact to original factory specs. (other decal sets have printed the red and yellow colors in a lighter shade than the factory originals.)
  • High Quality – High Quality just like the original factory decals – our BEST production run yet (other decal sets have been digitally printed on a thermal printer (with jagged lines) or poorly silkscreened with loose registration.)
  • Decal Material – Die Cut on clear decal stock – With a protective laminate just like factory originals!.  (printed on the correct mm thicknesss of quality clear decal stock with a protective laminate exaclty like the factory originals.)

For more information on if this decal set is correct for your BMX, visit the Kuwahara reference site.


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