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Kuwahara Champion Decal (1982-1985) (1 Decal)


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This is a NEW very RARE FACTORY CORRECT Kuwahara “CHAMPION” 4130 CHROME-MOLY Decal Sticker for your seat post tube and fork of your vintage old school BMX.

These were found on  1982 E.T forks, 1983 -1985  Nova, 1982 – 1983 KYZ as well as Kuwahara and Kuwahara / Apollo Mountain Bikes (MTB), Mixte, Cruisers, and Road Bikes.

Probably the rarest of Kuwahara decals you will ever find.

You will get 1 decal only.

Click here for 1 Pair.


  • Very Accurate & Precise Details. Almost identical to original factory specs.
    (other E.T. decal sets have been poorly traced & passed off as quality reproductions with inaccurracy -they are absolutely horrible re-productions.)
  • Green & Gold colors are IDENTICAL to original factory specs
    (colors have been matched to original factory decals 100%.)
  • Includes the 2 little ‘placement dots’ just like the original factory decals.
    (other decal sets are completely missing these ‘placement dots’ – look at your original decals and they will subtly be there.)
  • Offset printed just like the original factory decals – NOT silkscreened or Digitally Printed.
    (offset printed at very high resolution just like the original factory decals.)
  • Die Cut on silver foil decal stock.
    (printed on quality silver foil stock just like the factory originals.)

These decals have been offset printed and are of the highest standards of print. These decals are Factory Correct and have been printed on Silver foil stock exactly like factory originals.

Place these next to un-faded originals and you will not be able to tell the difference!Please Note: With original sets, the registration was off at times, so the white text “CHROMEMOLY” would be off to the left or right at some original decals and would look like a shadow.  Our registration is perfectly in the middle just like a perfect original.
These decals were used on certain Kuwahara BMX’s like the E.T., KYZ and Nova. On E.T’s, they were only used on the forks ONLY as the forks were 100% chrome-moly.  These were also found on vintage Kuwahara & Kuwahara Apollo Mountain Bikes (MTB), Mixte’s, Cruisers, and Road Bikes.
For more information on if this decal set is correct for your BMX, visit the Kuwahara reference site.


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