Vintage Steel “POTTS MOD CONVERTER” Adapter Set


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You will get 1 Set (3 Pieces) consisting of Potts Mod Converter adapter, bolt and wedge.

This is our own Unique and Custom designed Vintage Steel POTTS MOD CONVERTER adapter, bolt and wedge for Suntour Power Stems.

Made from CNC machined 6061 aluminum alloy, these POTTS MOD CONVERTER adapters are designed to convert the large bolt hole of your Suntour Power Stem (with Potts Mod bolt system) back to the regular size to allow regular Suntour Power Stem bolts to be fitted.

For Potts Mod Converter Individual Adapters, please see our other listings.

NOTE: Suntour Power Stem in example photo is not included.


  • CNC Machined using only quality 6061 Aluminum Alloy (quality 6061 aluminum used for its light weight and strength)

These Dropout Savers have been CNC machined using high quality 6061 aluminum alloy, followed by anodizin in various colors and then further machined to achieve a 2-tone appearance.

In the early/mid 80’s before Freestyle stems beceame popular, Suntour converted their Power Stems for Freestyle by drilling the bolt hole bigger to fit a larger Potts Mod bolt rather than their standard Bolt. These were found on early Freestyle BMX bikes like the 1984 Kuwahara Bravo. Unfortunately, if you use these Power Stems w/ Potts Mod bolts on a race BMX, you may want to put a regular bolt back in its place, but cannot because of the larger hole. So we created an adapter that fits in the larger hole, decreasing the size to allow a regular Suntour bolt to be fitted.


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