DIA COMPE MX1000 / MX900 Brake Caliper Decal (1 Pair)

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This is a NEW Factory Correct DIA COMPE Brake Caliper Decal Sticker that came stock on MX-1000 and MX-900 BMX brakes in the 1980’s. These were found on the Kuwahara, Haro, Mongoose, Diamond Back, Redline, Hutch, PK Ripper and more.

You will get 2 decals (1 Pair).

Click here for 2 Pairs or 4 Pairs.

These decals have been digitally printed and are of high standards. Size and colors are very accurate to original factory specifications.

The original Dia Compe brake decals were printed on silver foil stock that were much thicker than ours (which we believe were silver foil decals that were put on a thin metal plate. Our decals are almost identical besides the thickness and can be placed directly on the old decal plate.


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